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Yoga ...What does it really mean? Is it some sort of sport? 

Many people tell me “I don’t need yoga” or “I can’t do yoga, it’s not for me” or “I’m not flexible.” The most interesting one I’ve heard is, “I have never practiced yoga” when in fact, a better way to word this should be, «I don’t know what yoga is or what does it means. » because the truth is that everyone does yoga everyday consciously or unconsciously.  



YOGA is the Sanskrit translation for UNION. Therefore, every time you sense this feeling of oneness, of harmony, of true bliss, of feeling so complete in the NOW... You ARE experiencing yoga!


Actually, if breathing is yoga, then yoga is everything. The awareness of your true beauty will only make it easier for you to spread joy and love, which is an amazing way to serve humanity and use your true potential. Now, this is only the beginning, there is so much more to what this path can bring to you. It’s up to you to discover this fascinating adventure of personal exploration.




Yoga is also a way to be completely aware of this unique and precious “NOW” as it’s really the only moment that truly exists. It’s a way to take care of yourself, to experience unconditional self-love driven by happiness over pleasure. Pleasure can be a great ephemeral experience but happiness cultivates a state of being that truly benefits our lives for the long term.

Yoga is about finding comfort into silence, as silence allows you to meet your true self. It’s a way to be aware of how we express ourselves, to choose our actions and speak in a way that will serve us and others constructively. 




Yoga includes the awareness of the breath, which is the core of our vital energy. Breathing is something we do unconsciously, but let’s ask ourselves, “Could it change something to be fully aware of the way I breathe?’’ Going back to the roots of our existence, to connect with this flow of inhaling and exhaling. 

Learning how to expand our lungs’ capacity =

By creating harmony and deepen the inhale and the exhale to nourish all particles of our holistic constitution = Automatically bring more food to our cells = 

The more we nourish our cells = 

We lost our immune system, reduce inflammation, alkaline the body…

The clearly we see and feel= 

The more intuitive we become = 

Leads to make life choices more aligned with our true essence as well as a better health body, mind soul.

Learning how to breathe in an uncomfortable posture on the mat will automatically create a body memory to breathe differently, as well as have the reflex to find inner peace in a challenging situation off the mat.



There is a whole universe which exists between yoga ON and OFF the mat. At the same time, they are absolutely connected as well as limitless. Yoga is a journey of self-exploration, which is choosing to reach your full body, mind and soul potential. It's an intention of love you choose to give to yourself, others and nature. It’s a way to eventually become an expansion of this love to shine your light and be the change you wish to see. 

Yoga can stretch your soul even more than your body ...

It’s a way to find balance ON and OFF the mat. It teaches us how to just BE with all our sensations, to observe them in a humble way, without judgment.

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