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TRAVELING INSIDE OUT guidance is here for you if you aspire to travel and want YOUR NEXT TRIP to focus on inner experiences more than outside stimulation.


When planning a trip, people can sometimes work to plan a long list of things to see. But what if the thing you need most is to meet yourself? To let go of “doing” and embody “being” instead? To embrace the unknown and flow with your intuition? What if getting completely out of your comfort zone is what you truly need to connect with your true essence?


As a world traveller, Mel is honoured to offer guidance services for your next trip. That does not mean finding more places TO SEE, but finding more ways TO GO deeper within yourself.


TRAVELING INSIDE OUT pushes you to focus on your inner journey first and then enjoy the outside world. TIO services have nothing to do with hotel bookings or any of the other services that a standard tourist agency would offer. It is about a spiritual path and self-realization in the beautiful NOW.


Depending on the time frame you set aside for your TRAVELING INSIDE OUT EXPERIENCE,
Mel wishes to guide you by scheduling a few consultations. 

The TIO journey can take place over a weekend nearby as long as a few months far away. The number of consultations, as well as price, can vary.









#1—CONNECTION: Have a chat with Mel. Share about your inspirations, your challenges, your desires... so she can propose and/or create a plan with you, in line with your aspirations.


#2—BRAINSTORM: Mel will share a list of suggestions and ideas from which you can choose from and feel ready for.

From spending a day in silence to facing a fear to help a stranger... The proposed challenge will be as much physical as mental and maybe even allow you to release a few demons of yours so you can experience true freedom.

#3—DEPARTURE CEREMONY: Getting ready to leave behind everything to which your mind identifies to enter a new chapter of your life. For this session, you will need a notebook a calm, peaceful space.




#4—IN ACTION: Half-way through the trip. Focus is on sharing, realigning and being supported through your journey.


#5—REALIZATION AND TOOLS: Share realizations and create a toolbox with Mel that you can bring back into your everyday life, after your TIO EXPERIENCE.



#6—RECEIVE THE GIFT: Embody the gift of the experience and receive guidance towards this new lifestyle, understanding and wisdom.


BONUS: Join our TIO PAGE to connect with the TIO TRAVELLERS COMMUNITY for support and inspiration.

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