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The Fly Therapy Is a hypnotic experience that dives into the healing power of the Parasympathetic state. Using different holistic approaches.

Suspended by a hammock this therapy

will decompress, realign relax body, mind, and soul. 

THE Fly Therapy is the product of an exploration that spans many years and combines various practices. It's a very unique treatment created by Melanie. It brings together traction, flexion, extension, and passive/active posture techniques into which the shared relationship can be introduced and extends into breathing techniques, inversion therapy, Ayurvedic medicine, sound therapy, and energy healing as well as
several additional holistic approaches for improving your well-being. The Fly Therapy is a beautiful treatment that will make you travel into some deep states of yours... where all the elements are aligned for you to completely let go through this weightlessness experience and by doing so allowing self healing and reset body, mind, soul 


Your spine is the central seat for the nerves that communicate between the brain and the body. Imbalances in this part of the body can directly affect your quality of life. Fly Therapy is a safe and effective way to integrate and
heal these muscular, joint, and nervous imbalances.



Reduce stress hormones (cortisol level)

Boosts your immunity

Provides space for spinal decompression

Supports and helps weight management

Accelerates post-exercise recovery

Releases serotonin and improves sleep

Rapidly increases flexibility

Increases muscle strength and tone

Helps recover from and prevent injuries


Calms the mind

Enables holistic detoxification and realignment

Enhances extra oxygen delivery to the brain

Assists in self-management and improvement

Helps stress and fatigue recovery and management

Applied while accessing a meditative state


Balance energy—physically and emotionally

Access inner connections

Increases the power of intuition 

Foundations of mindfulness

Surrender harmoniously to peace

Chakra realignment

Reiki therapy




Get in touch with Mel

she will design a Fly Therapy session specifically for you.

Only available IN PERSON 

at the moment:

1  session 90 min: $150

3 session package: $400

Contact Mel: What's app: +66 634453474

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