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Melanie has taught many classes for the last 22 years. She was a professional dancer and was the owner of a dance school for 10 years. After experiencing physical injuries, she opened up to holistic medicine and yoga.


She has learned from experts across multiple fields, therapies, and modalities and is now a renowned teacher at conferences, workshops, seminars, and wellness retreats internationally, online, and in person. Coming from a place of love and compassion, Melanie shares her gifts around the world.  As she touched many people, Melanie cultivated a reputation for her depth of knowledge, experiences, and her unique wisdom of understanding the therapeutic benefits of a holistic lifestyle.

  • Certified Therapeutic Yoga ALLIANCE 300H Teacher Training - Bali - INDONESIA 

  • Certified  Hatha Yoga ALLIANCE 200H Teacher Training  - British Colombia - CANADA

  • Certified Unnata Aerial Yoga ALLIANCE  100H Teacher Training -  Montana USA  

  • Certified Ayurvedic Massage Therapist -  Ayuskama Ayurveda Rishikesh - INDIA

  • Certified Sound Therapist -Temple of Singing Bowls with Nada Yoga Akhilanka- INDIA


Choose the session that interests you or best describes your needs and

Mel will guide you towards the best plan.

Private 1 person:

1 session 1hour: 75$

3 sessions of 1hour: 215$

5 sessions of 1 hour: 350$

In a group: Price varies depending on the number of people. 

Let us know your time zone for an online session (country)

Click the link below and let us know your timezone, so Mel can schedule a time with you.  



This class invites you to move from one posture to another, flowing with the rhythm of your breathing, releasing tension and adopting fun and energetic movements, followed by a period of deep stretching and relaxation. Taught in an inspirational manner, this class is an experience that can deepen and transform how you relate to your body, mind, soul and space. You will also enjoy music that provides an encouraging vibe throughout this unique experience.


In between intensive workouts, family engagements, life, our body’s natural fight and flight response often takes over. Especially when adrenaline and cortisol responses are highly active, the real work of healing lies in giving your body time and space to adapt and relax so that you can reach your full potential.



Through powerful and challenging sequences of poses, you can wake up your body, increase your heart rate and sweat! This session will stir up your body, mind and soul through poses that link breath and movement, strengthen and lengthen your muscles and spine, stabilize your core, open up deep muscle tissue, as well as cleanse and detoxify your internal organs.


Grounded in knowledge of the chakra system, this unique class brings you life as it focuses on the seven chakras. Mel will guide you through poses that help align each individual chakra, moving up the spine from the root chakra to the crown chakra. The class offers an effective blueprint for bringing these energy centres into balance so you can find peace and liberation. Combined with positive affirmations, meditation, breathing exercises, mudras and specific poses for each chakra, it can be a very healing and fun practice!



As a former professional dancer and the owner of a dance school for 10 years, Melanie has merged sound therapy, movement and breathing to create an exceptional program filled with surprises and discoveries that she has named PRANADANCE YOGA.


Experience the harmony of the flow by merging movement and melody to create a deep connection with music. Mel will teach you a sequence of 10 to 15 asanas that you can experience at different speeds. You will be guided throughout the entire session. When the melody is in harmony with your body, the magic begins. Get ready to try dance yoga to experience healing and inspiration through a unique meditation state.


Mel will focus on Recovery Fly and Fitness Fly, encouraging traction and decompression of the spine through various inversion and suspension poses with a yoga framework that gives you extra support. Just like the use of props in a traditional class, the use of the aerial yoga hammock helps create deeper stretches, twists and openings. After expanding your thoracic cage and opening your heart, extending the lumbar spine, stretching the hips and the rest of the body, you will leave class feeling relaxed, refreshed and feeling great!


RECOVERY FLY yoga aims to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation through the aid of props. Recovery Fly uses an aerial yoga hammock to assist the body in attaining postures that it would ordinarily find difficult. These hammocks are suspended 20 cm off the ground and are used to encourage a full range of lumbar spine movement through a variety of yoga poses and sequences. A restorative Recovery Fly class is not just for those who have sciatica, back pain or tight hip flexors; it is for everyone looking to relax and recover.


FITNESS FLY offers joint-friendly exercises for people with all levels of fitness and in all stages of life. A scalable range of exercises makes it accessible for athletes, people doing injury recovery or regular trainers. When you train in suspension, you are actively training your body to move in new ways and adjust to unexpected physical stimuli in order to maintain balance and control. Training with the silk systems stabilizes muscles in the body through bodyweight training, with all of your muscles working collectively to create a stronger core. Learn to use gravity as your ally to reach your specific fitness goals.

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