Born as a French Canadian. Azaya Yoga came from her birth name Melanie Jolicoeur. In French “Jolicoeur” means “beautiful heart” The Sanskrit words “Azaya” stand for “heart” as her mission is sincerely inspired by love.


Melanie's path is filled with ups and downs as frequent as the pulse of a heartbeat. She trusts that we are always exactly where we are meant to be at any moment, and from there we can only move forward, sculpting our life through magnificent stories of triumph, wisdom, dignity and love.


Melanie had the experience of being a caregiver for many years, lived through the grief of losing loved ones, coped with a degenerative spine condition and an autoimmune disease. She owned a business for 10 years, lived as a professional artist, and had a large social life with many distractions. Even if she thought her life felt full, she reached the point where she sensed something was missing inside of her. The « doing » took over the « being »


Melanie began questioning and wondering: Is it possible to truly find inner peace? Is happiness something you reach or is it already inside of us? Is it possible to find a balance between body, mind and soul in this roller coaster of life? What is the difference between traditional medicine and holistic medicine? Why do we learn so much about intellectual intelligence but not about emotional intelligence? Would it be possible that our old belief systems are interacting with our perception and holding us back from seeing the beauty of our true essence? 


Since then, she has been exploring the world in a journey of self-discovery. Travelling through nearly 30 countries where she lived, worked, explored and studied... Melanie has adapted to a holistic nomadic lifestyle in the past 10 years. After many years of embracing the unknown, home became her heart, and nature the food for her soul. 


As a lifelong student, she has had the opportunity to teach and study different subjects in the last 20 years. Melanie had the privilege to meet guides and professors from across the planet. She is profoundly inspired by sound therapy, movement, yoga philosophy, integrative medicine and holistic lifestyles.  Melanie gathered a varied collection of resources and knowledge that lead her to create unique therapies.  She now teaches all over the globe as a holistic practitioner shares as a speaker TRAVELINGINSIDEOUT.COM as well as conducting online coaching sessions AZAYAYOGA.COM. Leading wellness retreats is also one of her passions. Creator of FLYTHERAPY.CA she uses an aerial yoga hammock and developed a unique therapy applying breathing techniques, Ayurveda massage, inversion therapy, energy therapy, sound and vibration therapy and more. Being a professional dancer and Owner of Projection Danse (Dance school /Productions) from 2003 to 2013, Melanie has merged dance & Yoga to create an exceptional course structure filled with surprises to discover that she named PRANADANCEYOGA.CA.



She values humbleness and gratitude. Being curious, having an open heart, and being touched by all forms of life, has been a gift for her. It’s a treasure that is leading her daily toward awareness, freedom and bliss. Melanie truly feels that we are all our own best teacher therefore, she aspires to be a guide, in order to deepen the consciousness of those who choose to open up and explore all of the possibilities of their pure potentiality. 


Being part of this movement of unity, sharing her journey and flowing on a wave of unconditional love, is what excites her the most. 


Melanie's desire is to inspire you to put yourself first, starting with simple steps and sharing useful holistic lifestyle tips that can truly better your everyday life. 


See you in the Flow, 




Thank you for this beautiful article Gaye:) 

Meeting you was such a joy and to know that Iv touched your heart through the love I have for my teaching empowered and inspires me to keep expanding, sharing and honour my gift.