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What is Azaya Soul Print?


Azaya Soul Print is a private and personalized consultation where Melanie will create

– with you – a Roadmap towards Self-Healing using her

proprietary Azaya Soul Print method to 

diagnose the blockages in your energy vortex

that are holding you back from harmony and balance.

We all experience physical and mental pain.  Some are constant and others come and go.  We are sometimes aware but often unaware of the root of these discomforts. Unless there is a sudden accident, Melanie truly believes that all illness or discomfort is created from emotional dissonance which creates energy imbalances that over time manifest themselves as various health problems.


Melanie will invite you to respond to 112 questions from the heart intuition to create with you a personalized plan and will determine the source of the blockages in your physical and emotional body in order to understand the message of your discomfort and help re-align each energy vortex.


This consultation will give you a diagnosis, a reading of your energy vortex inspired by Melanie's guidance This method has been designed to understand the source of your discomforts on a deeper level and create a simple and clear action plan.


The consultation provides a complete and personalized blueprint – Soul Print – that invites you to make a precise action plan towards self-healing.  By restoring harmony and balance in your energy system you will be able to revitalize your body, mind, and soul to optimum levels.



Azaya Soul Print is designed to not only inform you 

but also teach you the techniques and tools 

which have been used for thousands of years 

by the ancient holistic medicine traditions of this world.

  • The seven major energy vortices correspond to the individual glands which govern specific organs and systems of the body as well as various spheres of the psyche.

  • Each of the primary body systems – e.g. digestive, nervous, immune – interact and are interdependent on the healthy functioning of the major energy vortices.

  • In Ayurvedic medicine, these energy vortices or centers are called Chakras.

  • They are located along the spine from our pelvic floor (root) to the crown of our head, any blockages in any of the seven major Chakras cause an imbalance – i.e. dissonance – in our flow of energy which shows up in our body as illness and disease.“Dis-ease" restoring harmony and balance – i.e. coherence – to the flow of energy in and through our Chakras allows us to restore vitality and health to our body and reverse illness and disease.   

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  • Each Chakra card, contains 15 descriptive cards linked to emotions, States, attributes of the vortex

  • The client will be choosing – guided by feeling and intuition – the cards that hold the most energetic resonance (i.e. magnetic draw) for them.  

  • Depending on the answer the card will be placed on the white or the black side and from this Mel is able to create the client’s road map, unique Soul Print.

  • After discussing and evaluating the results with the client, she will then create a personalized Soul Print diagnosis which is a comprehensive holistic healing plan to restore vitality and health through rebuilding energy coherence.   

Description of Sessions

Session 1 – Week 1

  • One on One online consultation via Zoom –  60-90 Minutes

  • Reading

  • Chakra Diagnostic 

  • Explanation of the process

  • Soul Print results

  • Soul Print prescription


Session 2 – Week 2

  • Online consultation – 60 Minutes

  • Review of first-week experience

  • Journal fallow up

  • Questions and answers

  • Holistic Coaching

  • Guidance & homework (as applicable)

Session 3 – Week 3

  • Online consultation 60 Minutes

  • Integration

  • Question & Answers

  • Holistic Coaching

Session 4 – Week 4

  • Online consultation – 60- Minutes

  • Holistic Coaching

  • Creation of your Soulprint Mantra

  • Conclusion

 Bonus session number 5 : Your Second Azaya Soul Print Reading 


  • Melanie aspires to give you the tools & techniques you need to be the master of (holistic health) ceremonies of your most vibrant and joyful life.

  • The Azaya Soul Print method will not only bring you clarity of mind but also teach you to discover your own blockages and the power of self-healing as a path to self-realization.

  • A renewal of vitality and energy can definitely be felt upon completion of the healing process.  More importantly, the method provides a way to learn and retain the holistic tools and techniques that will allow you to maintain a direct awareness of your Chakras in order to preserve the inner harmony and balance of these vital energy vortices.

  • All Azaya Soul Print clients also receive a private invitation to join Azaya’s Peaceful Warrior Tribe – a private community on a dedicated social media page where we share inspirational stories, wellness tips, and connect with other consciousness-minded people from all around the world.

  • All clients also have access to all future offers, workshops, courses, retreats and upcoming events on a priority basis.

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